Shipping and Refund

1. Return goods according to customer needs (because they are not satisfied)

All purchased items can be returned within 3 days of receipt (unless otherwise stated). We only accept returns for products in their original condition, unused products. Include:

– No returns for printed-on-demand products

– The packaging is intact and the packaging is not dented

– Full of details and accessories.

– Warranty stamps/cards, brand stamps, technical instructions and accompanying gifts (if any), etc. must be complete and intact.

– Not dirty, scratched, damaged, have strange smells or show signs of being used

– Shipping costs to the store and other incurred costs will be paid by the customer

2. Return of goods due to supplier error

Delivered goods are not new, not intact, have wrong content, are defective or missing.

Customers must check the external condition of the box and product before payment to ensure that the goods are delivered in accordance with the requirements, quantity, type, and color according to the order. The external condition is not affected.

If the product is defective, please refuse to receive the goods and immediately notify the customer support department for a timely solution.

When you find an error, please take a photo of the product and send it to our mailbox so we can assist with the next steps such as exchanging/returning the product or sending the missing product to you...

After 24 hours from the date you receive the goods, we have the right to refuse support for complaints according to the above content.

Shipping costs to the store and repair or replacement costs will be paid by the store.

​3. Delivery and transportation of goods

With the desire to bring satisfaction to customers when purchasing, we provide door-to-door shipping services according to customers' requests within the territory of Vietnam.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the support phone number or leave a message on the website.

Sincerely thank!